1. Organization

The competition is organized by Maison Boinaud – hereinafter referred to as the “Organizer” – under its Cognac De Luze brand.

Entry to the competition is free of charge and no purchase is necessary. Internet access is required. 

          2. Conditions of participation 


  • can be professional bartenders, bartenders in training or simply cocktail enthusiasts 
  • must be of legal drinking age in their country of residence 
  • must have an Instagram account 
  • must be able to communicate in English 

Providers involved in the competition are not eligible to participate. 

How to enter the competition: 

  • Register directly on the competition website at 
  • Send us, by email or via the web form, a selfie video introducing yourself and telling us why you want to enter the competition. You will need to answer the following questions:
  1. What is your favorite cognac cocktail or your favorite cocktail that could be made using cognac as the main alcoholic ingredient?
  2. Send us a video of 60 seconds or less telling us about yourself and why you are interested in mixology.

Your video should be in landscape format, recorded horizontally, and must not exceed one minute in length. The technical quality of videos will not be taken into account in the selection process. 

  • Follow the Instagram account @deluze.cognac

Entries will only be considered if these rules are followed. 

The competition is only open to residents of the main countries in which Cognac De Luze is distributed, which are: Australia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Canada, Estonia, France, Germany, Italy, Latvia, United Kingdom, USA

          3. Competition period 

The competition will run from April 20, 2022 and will take place in four stages. 

Stage 1: Online registration

Stage 2: Shortlisting

Stage 3: Quarter-final 

Stage 4: Final

Competition period: eight months

          4. Content guidelines 

The technical quality of videos submitted for the shortlisting stage will not be taken into account, but videos must be in landscape format and no longer than one minute. 

Videos submitted by participants selected by the internal jury in September to compete in the quarter-final should be of a professional standard and, in the case of participants residing in France, must comply with the Évin law. 

These videos may be used on the Cognac De Luze social media channels. This means that they may not promote the consumption of alcohol, and should include the following health message: “Please drink responsibly.”

Competitors will need to add subtitles to their video (in English if the video is in another foreign language) or comment in English about the ingredients, steps, method for creating the cocktail, etc.

Participants may contact the Organizer to submit their entry and if they have any questions concerning the competition, technical aspects of the videos, or preparing the cocktails. 

The Organizer reserves the right to change the name of the cocktail if the name is deemed inappropriate, does not comply with the Évin law, or is not consistent with the image of the organizing company. It may also request that the participant change the name. No prior agreement will be sought.

It is strictly prohibited: 

  • to use ingredients or accessories containing tobacco, any type of drug, or psychoactive ingredients in the creation of your digital content;
  • to appeal to persons below the legal drinking age in their country of residence or to depict illegal, irresponsible or excessive consumption of alcohol;
  • to feature any person consuming alcohol;
  • to in any way associate videos or images with acts of bravado, dangerous or antisocial behavior, sex or sexuality, religion, or references to increased mental or physical capacity.


          5. The jury

The jury is made up of experts in mixology and cognac, industry professionals and influencers. 

               1. Selection of winners 

               a) Selection of quarter-finalists

The jury will view the videos received during the registration stage and select participants to proceed to the quarter-final. A maximum of 30 participants will be selected to compete in the quarter-final. The jury reserves the right to vary the number of participants. The selection criteria are predetermined and include compliance with these rules. 

The organizer will announce the competitors chosen as quarter-finalists in September.

               b) Selection of finalists 

Participants chosen to compete in the quarter-final will be notified by email.

The email will also contain the submission deadlines for the cocktail creation video. Competitors will receive a 35 cl bottle of Cognac De Luze VS in advance so that they can create the cocktail they are entering. 

In order to be selected for the final, participants must: 

  • create a cocktail that can be easily replicated: 

The cocktail should showcase the flavors of Cognac De Luze VS

It must not contain more than three ingredients in addition to the cognac and any garnishes. 

  • create a video of 60 seconds or less, in English or with English subtitles, in landscape format, and submit it to by the deadline provided 
  • create a story around the signature cocktail
  • The video should show the bottle of Cognac De Luze used to create the cocktail. The cognac and any other alcohol can be added using a jigger/measure (standard bar equipment).
  • The other non-alcoholic ingredients may be shown.
  • Participants are not permitted to use homemade ingredients or ingredients that cannot be found worldwide. 
  • Under no circumstances may the video celebrate or promote the consumption of alcohol. It must focus solely on explaining how to create the cocktail.

Participants should post their cocktail-making video on their Instagram account. Creating this post is no guarantee of selection for the final. The post should include the hashtags #cognacdeluze #deluzecognac #deluzecocktailcontest

Cognac De Luze (@deluze.cognac) should also be tagged in the Instagram video. 

The members of the jury will choose five (5) finalists based on predetermined criteria. One of the finalists will be selected by the Instagram community, who will be asked to vote for their favorite cocktail video created for the competition. The voting rules will be announced on the Cognac De Luze Instagram account. The competitor who receives the most “likes” will automatically advance to the final in Cognac.

          6. Prizes

               1) Winner 

The overall winner will receive EUR 2,000.00 as well as prizes to the value of EUR 200.

               2) Four finalists

The four other finalists will each receive EUR 200.00.

               3) Prize-giving 

The cash winnings awarded to the five finalists will be sent via PayPal or wire transfer within 30 working days of the date of the final as determined in section 6.2 “Selection of finalists”. Participants will be required to provide their bank details by email as soon as possible. Participants will receive their other prizes the same day. 

          7. Assignment of rights 

By participating in the competition, competitors agree to transfer their intellectual property rights to Maison Boinaud. 

Each participant assigns the following rights to Maison Boinaud for its exclusive use:

  • All rights to reproduce and represent the identifying elements of the cocktails and creations presented during the competition, including their names, ingredients, and visual and textual content (the “Content”). 
  • These rights concern the right to use, digitize, reproduce, copy, save, edit, represent and disseminate all or part of the Content, in any format, without restriction as regards quantity, by any means and via any digital or paper medium allowing its communication to the public, in particular via the Organizer’s social media, communication and sales channels. 

The transfer of rights is granted for all exploitation and dissemination of content connected to promotional activity for De Luze cognacs. The transfer of rights is granted globally and for the entire legal duration of the protection of authors’ rights under French and foreign law and international conventions, both current and future, including any extensions that may be made during this time. 

Maison Boinaud undertakes to respect the author’s moral rights by including the copyright notice: “© Cognac De Luze / Author’s name”. This notice will be included whenever the content is used. 

          8. Guarantees 

Participants warrant that:

– the Content is completely original and does not constitute an imitation of any existing creation;

– their work does not contain any reference or likeness that may infringe the rights of a third party.

Participants further indemnify the Organizer:

– against any claim or demand by any person claiming that the Content infringes their intellectual property.

Participants, therefore, agree to take responsibility for any complaints and/or proceedings initiated against the Organizer directly or indirectly related to their Content and to cover all costs incurred in defending the claim, including legal fees.

          9. Personal data 

Your personal data (first name, last name, age, email address) will be processed by Maison Boinaud, which is responsible for the technical organization of the competition, acting as the recipient and controller of the data.

The personal data collected is mandatory. If you do not provide the required data, you will not be able to participate in the Competition.

This data is provided to the Organizer solely for the purpose of considering your participation in the competition, managing winners, and awarding prizes.

The data collected will be retained until the winners have been decided, and will then be destroyed.

Maison Boinaud is obliged to maintain professional secrecy regarding this data and is committed to ensuring that the personal data you provide cannot be disclosed or transferred to third parties.

Pursuant to the French Information Technology and Civil Liberties law of January 6, 1978, as amended by Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of April 27, 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data, each participant has the right to obtain access to and rectification of information concerning them, as well as the right to object, the right to restrict processing and the right to erasure to the extent permitted by the EU Regulation.

You can exercise these rights by sending a request to the following address: Maison Boinaud – Service Juridique – 140 rue de la Bonne Chauffe, 16130, Angeac-Champagne

          10. Responsibility 

By participating in the competition, you acknowledge and accept the nature and limitations of the internet.

The Organizer accepts no responsibility – direct or indirect – for any misuse or incidents during the competition, including but not limited to technical issues such as network downtime, malicious interference, or software or equipment failure.

Participants are therefore responsible for taking appropriate measures to protect their data and/or the software on their IT equipment against unauthorized access.

          11. Application of the rules 

The running of the competition and the interpretation of the rules are subject to French law.

Any dispute regarding the interpretation of the rules will be resolved by the Organizer at its sole discretion.

Fraud or failure to comply with the rules may lead to disqualification from the competition, and the Organizer reserves the right to take legal action against the individual concerned.

Any complaints should be addressed to the Organizer within one month of the end date of the competition. No complaints will be accepted after this date. By participating in the competition, you confirm your full acceptance of these rules.